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  • Looking to grow your own business or just some one to one time with Steve who's been there and done that. He's available to offer some sound guidance.

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  • I hope you've enjoyed looking at my photographs as much as I enjoyed creating them. I give every project from small to large the same amount of care and craftsmanship.


    Photography started for me at Brooks Institute of Photography where my love for science and art were smashed together in a life changing way. It continues to be a beautiful journey.


    I tell my students; "remember all you have ever learned in life and put that into the images you make".

    I certainly do.

    Nice things a few clients have said...

    Randy Morris, Sr. Art Director, McCann Worldwide

    “The work is amazing as usual – It’s a shame I rarely have time to sit back and reflect on the actual images our team works so hard to make.

    Thanks again.”


    Andy Martin, Musician

    “Betsy and Steve”

    I wanted to let you know I’ve been featured in International Musician and on the front and back covers too.

    I have received dozens (I’m sure it will grow to hundreds) of messages about it and EVERYONE has commented on hoe GREAT the pictures are!!!

    You’re the best.”


    Danny Getachew, Senior Acct. Executive, Vitro Robertson:

    “I highly recommend Steve Anderson Photography. Steve and his team are absolutely unmatched in attention to detail and the willingness to go the extra mile. I found Steve to be very easy to work with and, his collaborative approach, essential in delivering the best quality shots. We (my client and I) were blown away by the final shots that Steve delivered. His unique style of food photography was unexpected and provided our clients with something new, different and refreshing. On top of that, Steve was fabulous with our client! He has the ability to explain and guide clients throughout the entire process-making my job a breeze. I look forward to working with Steve and his team on our next food shoot!”


    Mark Brunetz, TV Host and Designer, Style Network’s Clean House:

    Incredibly supportive and available, Steve and his staff created the perfect studio session scenario. Instantly at ease, I tapped into a never-before-seen vulnerability, which gave way to some truly original pictures. I love them! Thanks for being so sensitive and capturing the real me. From on artist to another, you and your work are invaluable!”


    Dan Ruchman, Ruchman & Associates:

    “The website... nice job!  The sequence of photos, both "editorial" and "studio", is nothing short of arresting.  If the purpose is to get people to stop and say, "this is cool stuff... I want myself done up this way" or "I want a spread done like this on my client", I think it absolutely must be working.”


    Andre Miripolsky, Artist:

    “Steve, the pics look absolutely fabulous. Kudos! It was indeed a short but very productive session with you. I thoroughly enjoyed the process. Your vibe was right on and your eye was perfect even down to that TV screen in the corner. Very excellent and I look forward to seeing what others you’ll be showing”.


    Patti Ammerman, Director of Marketing, Vanguard University:

    “Thank you for the work you did yesterday on our photo shoot.  I know it was a lot to accomplish in a short period of time, but you captured everything we were looking for.”


    Dave Lefner, Artist:

    “Hey Betsy! I can't believe how talented Steve is!   He managed to make even me look f*ckin' cool.   I love the shots on the website!   Thank you so much!   It will be great to have some shots to use for press kits, etc.- (giving Steve full credit always, of course). Shyla loves the pics, too, and we're super excited if you two are still willing to shoot our "double" portraits.   You and Steve are so nice to do all this. Thanks, again for everything.   Talk to you soon.”   


    Phil Cooke, Author

    “This is really amazing stuff…


    -Bob Gray, AARP Magazine
    “Hey Betsy, got the pictures this morning.... they’re WONDERFUL!!!
    I shared ‘em with everyone and then had to make a midmorning food run. My mouth was watering. Thanks again for excellent work and please pass on our salutations and appreciation to Steve. Bravo!